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This paper reviews the role and importance of small-scale industries together with the issue of occupational health problems and their causes in Iranian hand-woven carpet industry as a typical informal small-scale industry in an industrially developing country. The objective of this paper is to review health risk factors and related occupational health and(More)
Carpet weavers suffer from musculoskeletal problems mainly attributed to poor working postures. Their posture is mostly constrained by the design of workstations. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of 2 design parameters (weaving height and seat type) on postural variables and subjective experience, and to develop guidelines for workstation(More)
ii iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research was successful because of the financial support provided from the Royal Thai Government and also many assistances and guidance I received from many other people. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to my supervisor, Professor Håkan Alm, who provided me many forms of academic support. I(More)
The suitability and effectiveness of four different types of British made respirators were studied with respect to comfort, convenience and fit on wearers in Sri Lanka (a developing country). Objective and subjective assessments were made to evaluate the degree of discomfort and interferences to the use of senses. The study revealed that factors such as(More)
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