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BACKGROUND Polyoxyethylene-sorbitan-20-monooleate (also known as polysorbate 80 and Tween 80) is a solubilizing agent ubiquitously used in nutritives, creams, ointments, lotions, and multiple medical preparations (e.g., vitamin oils, vaccines, and anticancer agents) and as an additive in tablets. Whereas its relevance as a contact allergen has declined(More)
Progressive nodular histiocytosis is an extremely rare skin disease is clinically characterized by the coincidence of two distinct lesions, namely, superficial xanthomatous papules up to 5 mm and deep nodules and tumors 1-3 cm. Histologically the nodules represent spindle cell xanthogranulomas. We report a 24-year-old women with these findings. The(More)
The clinical picture in vasculitis varies from few self-limiting symptoms to life-threatening illnesses affecting multiple organs. We describe the course of a woman patient who had had a severe cutaneous necrotizing vasculitis for more than 10 years. Various immunsuppressants, including cyclophosphamide, had failed to improve the clinical course, although(More)
Glutaraldehyde-treated human amniotic membranes were used to repair rabbit bladders after supratrigonal cystectomies. The membranes maintained the integrity of the bladders until healing and reepithelialization occurred. There was no significant loss of bladder capacity or decreased renal function postoperatively. Calcification did not occur on the(More)
Verfahren zur Lösung von Problemen aus der nichtlinearen Konstruktiven Geometrie imR 3 mit Hilfe eines rechnergesteuerten Plotters werden angegeben: Konstruktionen von scheinbaren Flächenumrissen bei Parallel- und Zentralprojektion sowie von Parallel- und Zentralprojektionen von Schnittkurven zweier Flächen, darüberhinaus eine Methode zur Untersuchung der(More)