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Sera of altogether 282 patients with different forms of hepatitis and cirrhosis were screened forcold reactingcomplement dependent auto-lympho-cytotoxins (CoCoCy). These antibodies are 19S-IgM-immunoglobins and have no HLA-antigen-specificity. CoCoCy occurred in 48% of the patients with chronic aggressive hepatitis (CAH), in 14% of the patients with chronic(More)
1. Cholestatic reactions of various etiology are biochemically established by determination of alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (and leucinaminopeptidase) activities and of bile acid concentrations in serum. 2. The pathomechanisms of elevated serum activities of AP, gamma-GT and LAP in cholestatic diseases are - an induction of these(More)
146 patients (62 female, 84 male) with chronic hepatitis B and 80 patients (34 female, 46 male) with chronic hepatitis C were regularly examined in 1 to 2 year intervals with an average follow-up period of 12 years (mean). Each time patients were evaluated by physical examination, routine laboratory data, immunological and serological testing,(More)
The diagnostic possibilities of liver scintiscans with indium-113m acetylacetonate were investigated in 314 patients. The results obtained were compared with our own endoscopic biopsy investigations. The scintiscans give information on the stage of the disease, but in contradistinction to the laparoscopic biopsies, not on etiology or activity of the(More)