H. Seiler

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Depression has frequently been reported to be associated with other physical diseases and changes in the cytokine system. We aimed to investigate associations between a medical history of depression, its comorbidities and cytokine plasma levels in the Bavarian Nutrition Survey II (BVS II) study sample and in patients suffering from an acute depressive(More)
Fe, Zn, and Cu were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry in samples of whole blood after weighing and wet ashing with HNO3. 35 healthy persons were compared with 119 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 13 patients with other diseases of the CNS. The values from normal persons are in full agreement with those cited in the literature, men showing a(More)
Posterior interosseous island flap of the forearm is still not widely known. It deserves more attention as a useful means of reconstruction on the dorsal side of the hand up to the PIP joints of the fingers. The technique is relatively easy, and the anatomy is quite consistent, as described. Tactile sensation can be re-established, and infection cavities(More)
Rb+ and K+ have similar chemical properties. They share the uptake systems in Escherichia coli and can replace each other inside the cell. These common features led to experiments in which the radioactive isotope 86Rb was used to trace intracellular K+ fluxes. However, the E. coli pumps discriminate between these two ions and one should thus be cautious(More)
Relative tension of the anteromedial part of the anterior cruciate ligament of five cadaver knees is measured. The ligament is taut at 80 degrees - 90 degrees flexion and loosened to a maximum at 30 degrees and 130 degrees flexion. On internal rotation it is taut at each stage of flexion, on external rotation, only at full extension and full flexion.
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