H. Scott Hinton

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This paper will review some of the photonic technologies that could become important components of future telecommunications systems. It will begin by dividing photonic devices and systems into two classes according to the function they perform. The first class, relational, will be associated with devices, which under external control , maps the input(More)
– We present the rationale, implementation and performance features of a virtual lab environment for an electronic circuits course. The primary purpose of the tool is to provide an environment that mimics some of the failure modes of a real lab, which aids the student in learning debugging techniques. The tool is implemented as a Java application. Index(More)
Introduction Building on the capabilities of the Internet, educational institutions as well as industry at all levels have moved quickly to exploit this new technology for instructional purposes. According to some industry estimates, the number of users worldwide will pass the one billion mark by 2005 (United States Internet Council, 2000). In the United(More)
A design analysis of a telecentric microchannel relay system developed for use with a smart-pixel-based photonic backplane is presented. The interconnect uses a clustered-window geometry in which optoelectronic device windows are grouped together about the axis of each microchannel. A Gaussian-beam propagation model is used to analyze the trade-off between(More)
 In 1996, the Kansas Board of Regents passed a requirement that, beginning in 2001, a student applying for admission to a Kansas university must have earned one high school unit of computer technology. One option a student has for satisfying this requirement is to pass a computer proficiency examination. This paper reports on the development of a web-based(More)
Increasing urbanization is often accompanied by problematic changes in watershed hydrology. Decreasing surface permeability can lead to increased overland flow volumes, which may spread surficial contaminants and increase the strain on municipal stormwater infrastructure. This study examines a mixed-use property in the Proctor Creek watershed in Atlanta,(More)
This paper will review some potential applications of optical logic devices. It will focus on a system that is based on perfect shuffle optical interconnects. 1. INTRODUCTION Within recent years there has been a significant amount of interest in applying the new and developing photonics technology in telecommunications switching systems.['] As the(More)
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