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BACKGROUND Whereas several epidemiological studies suggest that low dietary intake of vitamins C and E is linked to increased hip fracture in smokers and antioxidants (dietary and endogenous) are reduced in elderly osteoporotic women, none has demonstrated an effect of supplemental antioxidants on bone turnover. METHODS In an observational study of 533(More)
UNLABELLED In this population-based study, seasonal periodicity was seen with reduced serum vitamin D, increased serum PTH, and increased bone resorption in winter. This was associated with an increased proportion of falls resulting in fracture and an increased risk of wrist and hip fractures. INTRODUCTION In a population of women who reside in a(More)
INTRODUCTION Esomeprazole, the first proton pump inhibitor to be developed as an optical isomer, has demonstrated more effective healing vs. omeprazole and lansoprazole in patients with reflux oesophagitis (RO). However, RO recurs in a high proportion (approximately 80%) of these patients within 12 months of initial therapy, highlighting the importance of(More)
Radial glial (Müller) cells of the rabbit retina were studied by various techniques including Golgi impregnation, scanning electron microscopy, horseradish peroxidase application, and staining of enzymatically isolated cells. This combination of methods produced detailed information on the specialized morphology of the Müller cells within the different(More)
BACKGROUND Although there is cross-sectional evidence that changes in the immune system contribute to the pathophysiology of depression, longitudinal data capable of elucidating cause and effect relationships are lacking. AIMS We aimed to determine whether subclinical systemic inflammation, as measured by serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP)(More)
BACKGROUND Statins are often prescribed for prevention of atherosclerotic outcomes in patients who have chronic heart failure (CHF), if this has an ischaemic etiology. These agents may also possess additional properties, independent of effects on blood lipid levels, which may have an effect on cardiac remodeling. However, beneficial effects were not(More)