H. Schmid

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The European research project MOON (Management of Optical Networks) has developed a concept for the management of optical WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplex) networks based on the TMN architecture. This concept comprises the Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) mechanisms as well as an information model specified in GDMO (Guidelines for the(More)
We give an alternative proof of the completeness of the Chandrasekhar ansatz for the Dirac equation in the Kerr-Newman metric. Based on this, we derive an integral representation for smooth compactly supported functions which in turn we use to derive an integral representation for the propagator of solutions of the Cauchy problem with initial data in the(More)
The current-feedback OTA (CFB OTA) recently appeared in a new classification of operational amplifiers. It is dual to the operational floating amplifier (OFA), so all OFA circuits can readily be transposed into CFB OTA circuits. This paper discusses the theoretical basis of the CFB OTA, shows its relation to the OFA, and compares their performance in a(More)
The purpose of this note is to describe a method for computing general automorphic forms. I have carried out only limited computational tests so far, and have not discovered any new automorphic forms using it. However, the method does identify some lifted cusp forms on GL(3) and until recently was the only general method to compute an automorphic form on a(More)
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