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Omni directional mobile robots have been popularly employed in several applications especially in soccer player robots in Robocup competitions. However, control and self-localization of omni directional mobile robots are important issues and different teams in the Robocup competitions have used different techniques to tackle it. Since it is very complicated(More)
— Due to development of the demand increasing of energy around the world and the decline of traditional energy sources in electricity generation the development orientation of power generation has been toward renewable energies. The use of these unfailing and renewable resources requires study substrates and new infrastructure in the transmission and(More)
Due to their advantages, omni-directional mobile robots have found many applications especially in robotic soccer competitions. Despite recent advances, effective control and self-localization of omni-directional mobile robots remain as important and challenging issues. In this work, a practical approach for control and self-localization of an(More)
Nowadays Economic Dispatch is one of the pretical problem in power systems. One of the suitable ways for solving the problem of Economic Dispatch is the use of neural network. First Economic Dispatch and Neural Network explained. More over, Kind of most common Neural Network and Advantages and Disadvantages of them is studied. Considering environment(More)
OBJECTIVE Researchers aimed to assess marital quality among the infertile couples undergoing assistive reproductive treatments and their coping strategies, social support and social acceptance. METHODS In a cross-sectional study, 133 infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive treatments were assessed for marital satisfaction, conflict resolution(More)
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