H Sack-Kongehl

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TF55-like factor from Sulfolobus solfataricus was purified to homogeneity and analyzed by electron microscopy and image analysis to determine the symmetries of these particles. Three different procedures were used to analyze the electron micrographs: (1) fuzzy-set based classification of the particles according to their rotational power spectra; (2)(More)
A new method for averaging of noisy single-molecule images has been developed. Averaging is done over the circular harmonic components of the images instead of over the images themselves. Those images which show different molecules or molecules in different projections can be separated into classes by comparing the power of their circular harmonic(More)
Time sequences of low-exposure images from the enzyme molecules of glutamine synthetase have been recorded digitally using an on-line recording system. Processing the images results in a time sequence of averaged molecule images, which, in the very beginning, exhibit the molecule structure still undamaged by electron irradiation. Different sources of the(More)
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