H. S. Y. Chan

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Concrete numerical examples of quadratic differential systems having three limit cycles surrounding one singular point are shown. In case another finite singular point also exists, a (3, 1) distribution of limit cycles is also obtained. This is the highest number of limit cycles known to occur in a quadratic differential system so far. Representative(More)
ÐBy studying the periodic drawings of the Dutch Artist M.C. Escher, we ®nd that the simplest group of the seventeen wallpaper group, P1, can be `visualized' in the upper halfplane as a symmetrical tessellation with self-similar properties. Iterative mappings are constructed and an algorithm is presented to automatically generate coloured patterns with this(More)
Quantitative methods were established to determine the level of maturation of human embryonic stem cell-derived ventricular cardiomyocytes (hESC-vCMs) that were treated with different metabolic stimulants (i.e., isoproterenol and oleic acid) during early differentiation. Cells were double-immunolabeled with α-actinin and COX IV antibodies, to label the(More)
In order to develop a novel method of visualizing possible Ca2+ signaling during the early differentiation of hESCs into cardiomyocytes and avoid some of the inherent problems associated with using fluorescent reporters, we expressed the bioluminescent Ca2+ reporter, apo-aequorin, in HES2 cells and then reconstituted active holo-aequorin by incubation with(More)