H. S. Ramaswamy

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Recognition of weeds with image processing and their use with fuzzy logic for precision farming. Can. Agric. Eng. 42:195-200. Herbicide use can be reduced if the spatial distribution of weeds in the field is taken into account. This paper reports the initial stages of development of an image capture/processing system to detect weeds, as well as a fuzzy(More)
Several high pressure (HP) treatments (100-400 MPa; 15 and 30 min) were applied to Chinese "Junchang" liquor, and aging characteristics of the liquor were evaluated. Results from the principal component analysis and the discriminant factor analysis of E-Nose demonstrated that HP treatment at 300 and 400 MPa resulted in significant (p < 0.05) changes in(More)
Chinese liquor aroma components were characterized during the aging process using gas chromatography (GC). Principal component and cluster analysis (PCA, CA) were used to discriminate the Chinese liquor age which has a great economic value. Of a total of 21 major aroma components identified and quantified, 13 components which included several acids,(More)
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