H S Olkkonen

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The placental blood flow was assessed by the 99mTc accumulation method in 10 normal pregnancies in the left lateral recumbent position accomplished by a 15 degree wedge and in the supine position. The postural change caused a 17% decrease in the mean placental accumulation rate, which was not statistically significant. Ten patients were moved from the left(More)
Duplicate cancellous bone samples from the iliac crest were obtained from autopsies of 88 persons with a normal mineral status and 50 having osteoporotic change due to chronic immobilizing diseases. The following parameters were determined: the minimal density with gamma-ray attenuation, the compressive strength with a strain transducer, the concentrations(More)
The effect of clodronate on healing of the fracture of osteopenic bone was studied in rats. A total of 165 female rats (14 +/- 1 weeks, 216 +/- 2 g) were divided into five fracture groups (n = 30), and a neurectomized group (n = 15). Osteopenia (op) was induced by right sciatic neurectomy 4 weeks before the fracture. Nonosteopenic (nop) rats were not(More)
We investigated the effect of clodronate on immobilization osteopenia (IO) induced by sciatic neurectomy in rats. 100 Wistar female rats were divided into 5 groups of 20 animals each: 1) sham-operated, control group, 2) IO+saline control group, 3) IO+clodronate 3 mg/kg/day, 4) IO+clodronate 10 mg/kg/day, and 5) IO+clodronate 30 mg/kg/day. Clodronate was(More)
The cadmium content of human cancellous bone was related to age, sex, bone loss, physical properties, and elemental composition. Bone specimens from the anterior iliac crest were collected from 889 cadavers with a normal mineral status, and from 50 cadavers which had bone loss from chronic diseases and immobilization. The element concentrations were(More)
The effect of drinking water fluoridation on the fluoride content of human bone, on cancellous bone strength and on the mineral density of bone was studied by analysing 158 autopsy samples of the anterior iliac crest from persons from two different areas. In the samples from the town of Kuopio, where drinking water has been fluoridated since 1959, the(More)
A strain-transducer to measure bone strength is presented. Cancellous bone specimens were taken at autopsy from the iliac crests of 28 women and 66 men. There was a good correlation between bone strength, age and bone mineral density. Females had a lower bone strength than males. The bone strength of patients who died of chronic disease known to cause(More)
The zinc content of cancellous bone from the iliac crest was determined by the X-ray fluorescence technique in an autopsy series of 28 women and 66 men. The bone-zinc content was statistically related to age, but there was a large variation. It reached a maximum value in the fifth decade and thereafter decreased with age in both sexes. Men with a chronic(More)
Histaminergic H3 receptor antagonists stimulate neuronal histamine release and could consequently have a number of physiological effects in the brain. The effects of H3 receptor blockade, induced by systemically administered thioperamide, were assessed on the frontal cortex electroencephalographic (EEG) properties in freely behaving rats. The relationship(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS We examined the effect of alendronate on bone following orchidectomy-induced osteoporosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eighty male rats were used. Group I (C) served as the untreated control. In group II (ALN), alendronate was administered subcutaneously (18 microg/kg). In group III (ORC), rats were castrated only. In group IV (ORC+ALN),(More)