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Optimal detection of a target return contaminated by signal-dependent interference, as well as additive channel noise, requires the design of a transmit pulse ( ) and a receiver impulse response ( ) jointly maximizing the output signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR). Despite the highly nonlinear nature of this problem, it has been possible to show(More)
Predicting the function of an unknown protein is an essential goal in bioinformatics. Sequence similarity-based approaches are widely used for function prediction; however, they are often inadequate in the absence of similar sequences or when the sequence similarity among known protein sequences is statistically weak. This study aimed to develop an accurate(More)
A new technique for depth estimation in airborne laser bathymetry is proposed. The technique involves the transmission of a nonlinear frequency-modulated signal, the detection of the signal re#ected by the ocean, and its processing using an appropriate matched "lter. On the basis of this technique, a new airborne laser bathymeter could be designed that(More)
This paper proposes an approach to transmit of multimedia contents effectively in a rapidly changing Internet environment. At present, guaranteeing QoS in network has become an important subject to consider. When transmitting AF packets in a multi-DiffServ network environment, A network gives priority in an order of AF1, AF2, AF3 and AF4; on the other hand,(More)
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