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The diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography remains unquestioned. Previous studies have suggested that patients who underwent hysterosalpingography with an oil-soluble contract medium (OSCM) rather than a water-soluble contrast medium (WSCM) had higher subsequent fertility rates. This study evaluated subsequent fertility rates in 339 patients who(More)
INTRODUCTION Ambient intelligence technologies are a means to support ageing-in-place by monitoring clients in the home. In this study, monitoring is applied for the purpose of raising an alarm in an emergency situation, and thereby, providing an increased sense of safety and security. Apart from these technological solutions, there are numerous(More)
BACKGROUND Perioperative aprotinin decreases postoperative blood loss in adults undergoing cardiac operations, but its role is less clear in children. Therefore, a trial of aprotinin in pediatric cardiac operations was conducted to study the efficacy of its use in children. METHODS Forty-two patients were randomly assigned to receive either high-dose(More)
OBJECTIVES In infants less than 1 year of age, the value of endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is controversial. It is believed to cause more morbidity and to have higher failure rates. We analyzed our data enlarging the reported pool of ETV outcome in infants less than 1 year of age. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed 12 ETVs in ten patients younger(More)
A retrospective study was made of the first 200 terminations of pregnancy at the Johannesburg General Hospital since the promulgation of the Abortion and Sterilization Act of 1975. The indications for termination of pregnancy, the ages, marital status and parity of the patients, the procedures and their complications are analysed. Psychiatric factors were(More)
Inheritance and allergen exposure are key factors in the development and the course of atopic allergy, expressed as conjunctivitis, rhinitis, asthma or dermatitis. This study concerns the clinical significance of mite and mite-allergen avoidance measures based on intensive cleaning with acaricide (solidified benzylbenzoate) added (10 dwellings), and without(More)
A 27-year-old female office clerk with widespread atopic dermatitis (AD) since infancy appeared to be highly sensitized and exposed to molds, storage mites, and chicken feathers and moderately sensitized to house-dust mites and grass and birch pollens. Hardly any textiles were present in her home; that is, only 28 m2, which is less than 25% of the Dutch(More)
For almost 4 years, the stability of Der p I was assessed by RAST inhibition in house-dust samples incubated under simulated domestic conditions (5 or 25 degrees C and 75% relative humidity). Der p I concentrations were determined before heating dust samples at 60 degrees C to kill the mites, and at 0, 6, 14, 21, and 47 months after heating. Heating at 60(More)