H. S. Guruprasad

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To have a clear and well organized website have become one of the primary objectives of enterprises and organizations. Website administrators may want to know how they can attract visitors, which pages are being accessed most/least frequently, which part of website is most/least popular and need enhancement, etc. Of late, the rapid growth of the use of(More)
Cloud computing is an on-demand service because it offers dynamic flexible resource allocation for reliable and guaranteed services in pay as-you-use manner. Due to the ever increasing demands of the users for services or resources, it becomes difficult to allocate resources accurately to the user demands in order to satisfy their requests and also to take(More)
Clustering Web Usage data is one of the important tasks of Web Usage Mining, which helps to find Web user clusters and Web page clusters. Web user clusters establish groups of users exhibiting similar browsing patterns and Web page clusters provide useful knowledge to personalized Web services. Different types of clustering algorithms such as partition(More)
During the process of imagery, the factors including the motion between earth and the platform, atmosphere disturbance, out of focus, non-ideal sampling and so on, all can make the images blurred and degraded. Super resolution technology is the signal processing based method which can detect and remove the blur caused by the imaging system as well as(More)
Learning analytics is a research topic that is gaining increasing popularity in recent time. It analyzes the learning data available in order to make aware or improvise the process itself and/or the outcome such as student performance. In this survey paper, we look at the recent research work that has been conducted around learning analytics, framework and(More)
A huge portion of the web known as deep web is accessible via search interfaces to myriads of databases on the web. Deep web crawl is concerned with the problem of surfacing hidden content behind search interfaces on the web. Given the dynamic nature of the web, where data sources are constantly changing, it is crucial to discover these resources. The paper(More)
Vehicular Adhoc NETworks (VANET), a special category of Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET) are networks formed by vehicles which help the vehicles communicate with one another. The challenging mode of communication in VANETs is the video mode which can be used to give faster and clear information to the end users in vehicles. The transmission of video streams is(More)
This paper proposes a dynamic bandwidth management algorithm in which more bandwidth is allocated for higher class users and also higher priority is given to the videos with higher popularity within a class using agent technology. The popularity and weight profile of the videos which is used for efficiently allocating bandwidth is periodically updated by a(More)