H S Bhathal

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Genomic and cDNA clones encoding the chicken ZF5 transcription factor were isolated and sequenced. Conceptual translation of the cDNAs indicates that chicken ZF5 has five zinc fingers at its C-terminal end and a POZ/BTB protein-interaction domain at its N-terminal end. These two functional domains are more than 99% identical in amino acid sequence between(More)
INTRODUCTION The mismatch negativity (MMN) is a component of the long-latency auditory evoked potentials, that are used to check the functionality of automatic attentional processes of attentive information processing. Vegetative state diagnosis is frequent following severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Eventually, some patients improve their condition to(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment of the epileptic patient during pregnancy poses a major clinical dilemma. For one thing the patient has to be kept free of seizures, but she also should be kept on monotherapy at the lowest possible dose, due to the effect such medication may have on the unborn child. DEVELOPMENT There is a syndrome related to intra uterine exposure(More)
The two U4 genes in the chicken genome code for distinct sequence variants of U4 small nuclear RNA that are differentially expressed during development. Whereas U4B RNA is constitutively expressed, U4X RNA is specifically down-regulated relative to U4B in a tissue-specific manner during development. To investigate mechanisms controlling the differential(More)
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