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The two reports differed in important ways and, since documents bearing the imprimatur of the Foundation may seem to have some kind of official status, and might be passed around as presenting an authoritative statement on the matter, I thought it worthwhile to prepare a sort of counter-document, indicating what I think are the shortcomings of the 2009(More)
Epistemological Worries Qualitative researchers in education have begun to question the epistemological premises of their work. Or, at least, someone in the arena is questioning those premises, and the questioning worries the researchers who actually do the work of studying schools, students, and education close up. Attacks on qualitative research used to(More)
One of the more sophisticated and sustained research traditions in sociology is found in the work on stratification and occupational mobility, exemplified in the work of Blau and Duncan (1967). That work purports to explain "the foundation of the stratification system in our society." This chapter analyzes this research tradition and recent attempts to go(More)
" Qualitative " and " Quantitative " It is rhetorically unavoidable, discussing epistemological questions in social science, to compare " qualitative " and " ethnographic " methods with those which are " quantitative " and " survey " : to compare, imaginatively, a field study conducted in a community or organization with a survey of that same community or(More)
  • H S Becker
  • 2000
The prevalence of latex allergy is escalating due to increased latex glove use following the institution of universal precautions. The purpose of this article is to review research pertaining to latex allergy, summarize national guidelines relating to latex allergy, and discuss the implications for nursing practice, education, and public policy.
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