H. S. Özarslan

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A sequence (bn) of positive numbers is said to be δ -quasi-monotone, if bn → 0, bn > 0 ultimately and ∆bn ≥ −δn, where (δn) is a sequence of positive numbers (see [3]). Let (φn) be a sequence of complex numbers and let ∑an be a given infinite series with partial sums (sn). We denote by σα n and tα n the nth Cesàro means of order α , with α > −1, of the(More)
We consider weighted graphs, where the edge weights are positive definite matrices. The eigenvalues of a graph are the eigenvalues of its adjacency matrix. We obtain another upper bound which is sharp on the spectral radius of the adjacency matrix and compare with some known upper bounds with the help of some examples of graphs. We also characterize graphs(More)
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