H Rundcrantz

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The composition of gases and the gas tension in middle ear effusion in patients with serous otitis media have been investigated. By using a specially designed micro-method, very small amounts of middle ear fluid could be analyzed. The effusion was obtained by puncturing the air cells of the mastoid process. The average value of P-O2 was 41 mm Hg; Pco2 was(More)
In patients with nosebleedings, the hemostatic effect of local application of tranexamic acid gel or placebo was compared in a randomized, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial with parallel groups. The times needed to arrest the initial bleeding were recorded, as well as any rebleedings within 10 days. The results showed no significant differences in(More)
Oxymetazoline has been used as decongesting nosedrops for more than 25 years but so far no objective dose-response study of the drug has been published. In this double-blind clinical trial the decongestant effect on the nasal mucosa by the doses and concentrations traditionally used of oxymetazoline were studied. In 106 men with acute infectious rhinitis, a(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of nasal polyps is controversial, and medical treatment alone has been little investigated to our knowledge. OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy of therapy using only topical budesonide powder and topical budesonide powder supplemented with surgical removal or intramuscular betamethasone. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind comparison(More)
Various definitions have been proposed for the term 'chronic sinusitis' but too often reports on chronic sinusitis lack a definition. In order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, and also to facilitate comparisons between clinical investigations, definitions of 'chronic maxillary sinusitis' of either rhinogenous or dental origin are(More)
Budesonide has been used for a number of years as a topical nasal corticosteroid in the treatment of nasal allergy and nasal polyps. Recently, a new device for powder insufflation where no constituents or preservatives are included has been developed (Rhinocort Turbuhaler, Astra Draco AB, Sweden). The present investigation was designed in order to study the(More)