H Rothenbacher

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Changes in the microscopic anatomy of the bovine teat canal were examined during mammary involution. Morphometric analyses revealed a significant (P less than 0.05), temporary dilatation of the teat canal lumen on day 7 of the nonlactating period. Additionally, the teat canal epithelium physiologically atrophied as evidenced by decreased cross-sectional(More)
During a 3 year period, 186 eastern cottontails (Sylvilagus floridanus) were trapped from two areas and examined for helminth and protozoan parasites. Fecal samples from 139 were evaluated for coccidia and helminth ova. Nine species of coccictia were identified: Eimera audubonii, E. azul, E. environ, E. honessi, E. maior, E.minima, E. neoirresidua, E.(More)
As doses of zeranol implants (0 (control), 12, 24, 48, and 96 mg) were increased, there were increased reaction and activity in target organs (such as urogenital tract and mammary, adrenal, hypophyseal, and thyroid glands) of castrated male sheep (wethers). Hyperplasia and transitional and squamous transformation in the prostate were mild (1+) in the(More)
Forty-eight lambs with equal numbers of rams, ewes, and wethers were used in a growth and metabolism trial. Within each sex, equal numbers were used as controls, and implanted with zeranol or deithylstillbestrol (DES) or both. The lambs were slaughtered 44 days after implanting and the effects of the different implants (or in combination) on certain(More)
Pathological changes in 18-day-old rat pups from iron-deficient dams (5 ppm dietary iron) included severe fatty degeneration of the liver with focal hepatocellular necrosis plus complete depression of hemopoiesis in this organ. Similar fatty degeneration occurred in the cortical tubular epithelial cells of the kidneys of deficient rats. Lesions in spleens(More)
Renal function evaluations were conducted on pullets and laying hens during outbreaks of urolithiasis. The following parameters were measured: kidney weights; hematocrits; plasma concentrations of uric acid, calcium, inorganic phosphate, magnesium, sodium, and potassium; urine flow rates; glomerular filtration rates; renal plasma flow rates; urine pH; and(More)
Acute pulmonary edema, splenomegaly, and ascites were observed in a disease outbreak in adult white and pearl guinea fowl. The clinical history and gross and microscopic lesions resembled those described for marble spleen disease of pheasants and avian adenovirus group II splenomegaly of chickens. A small number of intranuclear inclusion bodies were found(More)
Infectious tenosynovitis was diagnosed in three separate outbreaks in a commercial White Leghorn hens, though not previously reported in adult White Leghorns (3). Clinically affected flocks had decreased production and increased daily mortality, with many hens showing signs of the so called "cage-fatigue bluecomb" syndrome. Most sick birds had lesions(More)
Histological changes in the aorta were used as criteria to assess the effect of treadmill exercise on the development of atherosclerosis in rats consuming a moderately hyperlipemic diet. While grossly visible atherosclerotic plaques were absent, microscopic examination of sections of the abdominal aorta were distinctly different between exercised and(More)