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Several aspects of sexual and reproductive behaviour of Callithrix jacchus were studied for almost five years. The most important results are as follows: (1) In artificial groups (AG), heterosexual interactions were observed with varying frequencies between all group members; in the family groups (FG), however only between the parents (a-male and a-female).(More)
The primary visual cortex of Callithrix jacchus occupies a large portion of the occipital neocortex and can be safely delineated from fetal stages onwards. In 20 animals ranging in age from fetal to adult age the morphological development of area 17 was evaluated and compared with the growth of whole brain, skull, and head size. Cortical thickness, surface(More)
The published knowledge on neurobiological, psychological, and ethological aspects of development in Callithrix jacchus is still limited. We have collected published and unpublished data from several Callithrix colonies and pooled information on criteria for developmental progress and maturation using a questionnaire sent to numerous experts in the field.(More)
Although parathyroidectomy remains the only curative approach to most primary hyperparathyroidism cases, medical treatment with cinacalcet HCl has been proven to be a reasonable alternative for several patient subgroups. Cinacalcet almost always controls hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia sufficiently. PTH levels are lowered, and cognitive parameters(More)
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