H. Roeline W. Pasman

Theo G. van Tilburg1
Martijn Huisman1
Sander D. Borgsteede1
1Theo G. van Tilburg
1Martijn Huisman
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PURPOSE Patients are often encouraged to participate in treatment decision-making. Most studies on this subject focus on choosing between different curative treatment types. In the last phase of life treatment decisions differ as they often put more emphasis on weighing quantity against quality of life, such as whether or not to start treatment aimed at(More)
BACKGROUND eHealth can be defined as information provision about illness or health care and/or support for patients and/or informal caregivers, using the computer or related technologies. eHealth interventions are increasingly being used in cancer care, e.g. to support patients and informal caregivers in managing symptoms and problems in daily life. (More)
The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) is an ongoing longitudinal study of older adults in the Netherlands, which started in 1992. LASA is focused on the determinants, trajectories and consequences of physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning. The study is based on a nationally representative sample of older adults aged 55 years and over.(More)
BACKGROUND Most nursing home residents spend the remainder of their life, until death, within a nursing home. As preserving dignity is an important aim of the care given here, insight into the way residents experience their dignity throughout their entire admission period is valuable. AIM To investigate if and how nursing home residents' personal dignity(More)
PURPOSE What is the level of knowledge of pharmacists concerning pain management and the use of opioids at the end of life, and how do they cooperate with physicians? METHODS A written questionnaire was sent to a sample of community and hospital pharmacists in the Netherlands. The questionnaire was completed by 182 pharmacists (response rate 45%). (More)
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