H Robert Tuten

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Surgical excision of one of the compound eyes from juvenile crayfish leads to the regeneration of a heteromorphic antennule in 30% of the cases. Most of the heteromorphic antennules generated this way are bifurcate appendages possessing morphologically distinct medial and lateral branches. These structures are identical to the internal and external flagella(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether distraction osteogenesis can be used to treat hypertrophic nonunion associated with angular deformity and shortening after Coventry style high tibial osteotomy. Five consecutive patients were retrospectively reviewed. In all patients the alignment had collapsed into excessive varus or valgus and leg length(More)
The purposes of this study were to replicate a recent report of the positive effects of hand splinting on the stereotypic hand movement of children with Rett syndrome and to evaluate the generality of these results to a different setting. Two 5-year-old girls diagnosed with early Stage-III Rett syndrome were introduced to hand splints in accordance with the(More)
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