H Rikong-Adié

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Status quo data on the age at menarche were obtained on samples of Cameroonian girls living in urban (Yaoundé) (n = 205), suburban (n = 505) and rural areas (n = 201). Mean ages at menarche, estimated by probit analysis, are 13.18 years (SD 1.08) in Yaoundé, 13.98 years (SD 1.55) in the suburban area, and 14.27 years (SD 1.65) in the rural area. The early(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of a nutrition transition in developing countries might lead to higher prevalence of obesity and related adverse health effects. In Cameroon,urbanization growth rate is one of the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. Such dramatic demographic change favours important modifications, notably in nutritional patterns. AIM In this paper we(More)
The hypothesis of a vitamin K hydroquinone hemicarbonate as intermediate of vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of glutamic residues, has been examined, by testing several vitamin K hydroquinone esters as inhibitors of the reaction. Among the esters that have been synthetized, a monoacetate proved to be an inhibitor. Kinetic analysis shows that the inhibition(More)
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