H. Richard Priesmeyer

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This study estimated correlates of psychological distress with a heterogeneous sample of American subjects (N = 122; M age = 33.5 yr.) who were involuntarily displaced from work. Expectation of finding a new job is a significant source of psychological distress in job loss after taking into account length of unemployment and economic dependence.(More)
Nonlinear analysis can improve the adaptive ability of clinical paths and aid in providing improved continuity of care. This article continues our exploration of the ways "chaos theory" can be applied in health care by focusing on clinical applications. It describes a specific application of nonlinear techniques to knee arthroplasty, but the generalized(More)
Evaluation of an expert system provides unique challenges in an organizational setting. Often the proposed system is provided by an independent supplier who is not in a position to provide an unbiased assessment of the effectiveness or merit of the system. Even when the system is developed by personnel within the same firm or by the users themselves, these(More)
Chaos theory, also called nonlinear systems theory, provides new insights into processes previously thought to be unpredictable and random. It also provides a new set of tools that can be used to analyze common administrative and clinical data. This tutorial provides an introduction to chaos theory. Subsequent articles will address applications of those(More)
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