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Endophytes from Cephalotaxus hainanensis Li, an important source of anti-leukemia drugs, have not been widely explored. In this study, 265 endophytic fungal isolates from C. hainanensis Li were screened for antimicrobial activities against tilapia, banana, rice, and rape and for antitumor activities against human leukemia cell lines (K562, NB4, and HL-60).(More)
It was detected that both NAD(P)H-linked reductase (TNT-Red) and NAD(P)+-linked TNT dehydrogenase (TNT-Deh) were present in TNT-degrading enzymes of Citrobacter freundii simultaneously. The time course of formation for the enzymes and the actions of coenzymes in enzymatic reaction of TNT have been studied. The effects of varied carbon and nitrogen sources(More)
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