H. R. Sudarshana Reddy

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In present days, electrical load demand is growing day by day and in order to meet the increasing electrical load demand, power generating plants are operating their plants at their maximum capacity. So there is always a risk of voltage collapse, which will cause the shutdown of entire power system and its block out, which will cause an inconvenience to the(More)
An approach for selection of features using principal component analysis technique to classify segmented (isolated) Kannada characters is presented in this paper. Artificial neural network is used as classifier. The ability of neural networks to learn by ordinary experience, as we do, and to take sensitive decisions give them the power to solve problems(More)
AIM This study aims to evaluate the clinical, radiographic, and histological success rate of antioxidant mix as a new pulpotomy agent for primary teeth. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Commercially available antioxidants, namely Antioxidants plus trace elements (OXIn-Xt(tm), India) were used. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study was carried out on 36(More)
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