H. R. Pruthvi

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With the rapid development of E-commerce, more online reviews for products and services are created, which form an important source of information for both sellers and customers. Research on sentiment and opinion mining for online review analysis has attracted increasingly more attention because such study helps leverage information from online reviews for(More)
Visual Impairment makes the person depend on another person for all his works and daily chores. Through the application proposed in this paper, we aim to eliminate this dependency of a visually impaired person when travelling from one place to another. The main goal is to provide information regarding the current location, how much distance and time is(More)
The paper aims to determine the forest cover type of the dataset containing cartographic attributes evaluated over four wilderness areas of Roosevelt National Forest of Northern Colorado. The cover type data is provided by US Forest service inventory, while Geographic Information System (GIS) was used to derive cartographic attributes like elevation, slope,(More)
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