H. R. Nuriddinov

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The water-distilled essential oils from aerial parts of two Hypericum species (Hypericaceae) have been analyzed by GC/MS. The main components of the essential oils of Hypericum scabrum L. were α-pinene -11. 2%; spathulenol - 7.2%; p-cymene - 6.1%; acetophenone - 4.8%; carvacrol - 4.7%. The essential oil of Hypericum perforatum L. contains as the main(More)
The herbal parts of Arischrada korolkowii (Regel et Schmalh.) Pobed. (Lamiaceae) growing in Uzbekistan were hydrodistillated to yield 1.1% of essential oil. The essential oil was analyzed by GC/MS. Eighty eight compounds were characterized representing 98% of the essential oil with 1,8-cineole (29.3%), camphor (9.8%), β-caryophyllene (8.5%), bornyl acetate(More)
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