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Substantial ecological changes occurred in the 1970s in the Northern Baltic during a temporary period of low salinity (S). This period was preceded by an episodic increase in the rainfall over the Baltic Sea watershed area. Several climate models, both global and regional, project an increase in the runoff of the Northern latitudes due to proceeding climate(More)
In the presented study we examined 110 patients who suffered from status epilepticus. Total 148 status were analysed with regard to etiology, releasing factors, course and treatment. Causes stressed were head injury with brain damage and intracranial space occupying, especially in the frontal region. Head injury with opened dura mater showed more tendency(More)
The correlation of social class and diagnosis, therapy, mode of admission, frequency of hospitalization was tested in a population of 2103 inpatients of the two governmental and of two private mental hospitals of the Canton Zurich. The results fit to the correlations expected from the literature. The therapeutic procedures as far as reported in the case(More)
The contribution deals with problems encountered during the psychiatric treatment of foreign patients, particularly with those from developing countries. It has been found that scope for socio- and psychotherapeutic treatment is very restricted and that the frequent necessity of returning these patients to their native countries leads to not unconsiderable(More)
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