H. R. Malonek

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The aim of this note is to study a set of paravector valued homogeneous monogenic polynomials that can be used for a construction of sequences of generalized Appell polynomials in the context of Clifford analysis. Therefore, we admit a general form of the vector part of the first degree polynomial in the Appell sequence. This approach is different from the(More)
The use of a non-commutative algebra in hypercomplex function theory requires a large variety of different representations of polynomials suitably adapted to the solution of different concrete problems. Naturally arises the question of their relationships and the advantages or disadvantages of different types of polynomials. In this sense, the present paper(More)
The aim of our contribution is to call attention to the relationship between totally regular variables, introduced by R. Delanghe in 1970, and Appell sequences with respect to the hypercomplex derivative. Under some natural normalization condition the set of all paravector valued totally regular variables defined in the three dimensional Euclidean space(More)
In hypercomplex context, we have recently constructed Appell sequences with respect to a generalized Laguerre derivative operator. This construction is based on the use of a basic set of monogenic polynomials which is particularly easy to handle and can play an important role in applications. Here we consider Laguerre-type exponentials of order m and(More)
An operational approach introduced by Gould and Hopper to the construction of generalized Hermite polynomials is followed in the hypercomplex context to build multidimensional generalized Hermite polynomials by the consideration of an appropriate basic set of monogenic polynomials. Directly related functions, like Chebyshev polynomials of first and second(More)