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We have isolated mutants in the zebrafish Danio rerio that have defects in axonal connectivity between the retina and tectum. 5-day-old fish larvae were screened by labeling retinal ganglion cells with DiI and DiO and observing their axonal projections to and on the tectum. 82 mutations, representing 13 complementation groups and 6 single allele loci, were(More)
Retinal ganglion cells connect to their target organ, the rectum, in a highly ordered fashion. We performed a large-scale screen for mutations affecting the retinotectal projection of the zebrafish, which resulted in the identification of 114 mutations. 44 of these mutations disturb either the order of RGC axons in the optic nerve and tract, the(More)
After a three month treatment with Danaden retard (Encephabol + nicotinic acid) a group of patients suffering from cerebral ischaemia showed (in contrast to an untreated group) a significant reduction of slow waves in the EEG, a significant improvement of the audiogram, a reduction of the optic and acoustic reaction time and of the peak latency of the(More)
Single zonular fibers could be shown in the area of ora serrata and the peripheral parts of retina between the basement membrane of pigmented epithelium and the elastic tissue of Bruchsmembran. The occurrence of fibroblasts in the proximity of zonular fibers was noticeable.
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