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We recorded Ca2+ current and intracellular Ca2+ ([Ca2+](i)) in isolated adult rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons at 20 and 30 degrees C. In neurons bathed in tetraethylammonium and dialyzed with cesium, warming reduced resting [Ca2+](i) from 87 to 49 nM and the time constant of the decay of [Ca2+](i) transients (tau(r)) from 1.3 to 0.99s (Q(10)=1.4).(More)
We recorded Ca2+ current (ICa) and Ca(2+)-activated Cl- current (ICl(Ca)) in isolated chick dorsal root ganglion neurons. At room temperature, ICl(Ca) is activated by Ca2+ influx (e.g. ICa) or by caffeine-stimulated release of Ca2+ via ryanodine receptors. Warming from room temperature to 37 degrees C increased the amplitude of ICa as well as the amplitude(More)
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