H. R. Gao

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The paper reports on the discussions at the ONR Workshop on Fracture Scaling. held at University of Maryland in June I Y9Y, under the chairmanship of Z.P. Bazant and Y.O.S. Rajapakse. The workshop dealt with size effects in structural failure and s~ale bridging in mechanics of materials. The lectures at the Workshop were published in Volume 95 of this(More)
Electroacupuncture (EA) has been successfully used to alleviate pain produced by various noxious stimulus. Cholecystokinin-8 (CCK-8) is a neuropeptide involved in the mediation of pain. We have previously shown that CCK-8 could antagonize the analgesic effects of EA on pain-excited neurons (PENs) and pain-inhibited neurons (PINs) in the nucleus(More)
Dopamine regulates pain perception in some areas of the central nervous system. Previously, we have confirmed that dopamine potentiated the electric activities of the evoked discharges of pain-excited neurons (PENs) and inhibited those of pain-inhibited neurons (PINs) in the parafascicular nucleus (Pfn) of normal rats. The mechanism of action of dopamine on(More)
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