H. R. Choi

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A 1.8 V 700 Mb/s/pin 512 Mb DDR-II SDRAM is JEDEC standard compliant. With the hierarchical I/O line and local sensing, t/sub AA/ /t/sub RCD//t/sub RP/ of 3/3/3 at 533 Mb/s are achieved in the design. For signal integrity at 533 Mb/s, off-chip driver calibration and on-die termination are employed.
Leigh's disease is a rare progressive neurological disorder that is characterized light microscopically by focal spongy necrosis in the brain and electron microscopically by mitochondriopathy. We report an autopsy case of Leigh's disease that showed abnormalities in the liver, kidney and skeletal muscle as well as the central nervous system. The patient was(More)
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