H R Chandrachud

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In a double-blind study forty-two children scheduled for elective adenotonsillectomy were randomized to receive peritonsillar infiltration, following induction of anaesthesia, with either 0.25% plain bupivacaine or 0.9% saline, 0.5 ml/kg to a maximum of 10 ml. The children were assessed on awakening, and then 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours later.(More)
This is a modified subtotal laryngectomy. On the tumour-free side of the larynx, some posterior structures, with their neurovascular supply are preserved. The endolaryngeal mucosa is tubed in continuity with the trachea below and projects into the pharynx above. Thus a myomucosal shunt is formed. Air is directed into it by finger occlusion of the tracheal(More)
A series of 74 consecutive patients with simple nasal polyps were interviewed with regards to features of allergy. Skin testing with a variety of antigenic extracts and estimations of peripheral blood immunoglobulins including total serum IgE were also carried out. The simple tests performed in this study have not been able to delineate a specific subgroup(More)
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