H. R. A. Townsend

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Many exercises are used to strengthen the glenohumeral muscles, but there have been limited studies to evaluate the exercises. Thus, the purpose of this study was to decide how the muscles responsible for humeral motion can best be exercised in a rehabilitation program for the throwing athlete. Dynamic, fine wire, intramuscular electromyography was carried(More)
A 16-year-old woman deliberately took a large, toxic overdose of carbamazepine and recovered despite a high plasma level. During the acute phase the EEG was dominated by occipital delta activity suggestive of a brainstem disorder. Following 24-h treatment with activated charcoal the plasma carbamazepine was cleared and the EEG returned to normal.
A man of 51 years presented with sudden onset of a confusional state and marked visual deterioration. The computerised transaxial tomogram showed a mass in the corpus callosum which had spread to involve both cerebral hemispheres. The visual evoked potential to pattern stimulus was delayed by about 20 ms. Necropsy confirmed the presence of an astrocytoma of(More)
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