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A strategy for the design of molecules with large two-photon absorption cross sections, delta, was developed, on the basis of the concept that symmetric charge transfer, from the ends of a conjugated system to the middle, or vice versa, upon excitation is correlated to enhanced values of delta. Synthesized bis(styryl)benzene derivatives with donor-pi-donor,(More)
Photorefractive polymers with high diffraction efficiency in the visible and near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum have been developed. These polymers, which have a large dynamic range because of their high orientational birefringence, incorporate a dye designed to have a large dipole moment and a high linear polarizability anisotropy. Such(More)
Large two-photon absorptivities are reported for symmetrical bis-donor stilbene derivatives with dialkylamino or diphenylamino groups. These molecules exhibit strong optical limiting of nanosecond pulses over a broad spectral range in the visible. Relative to bis(di-n-butylamino)stilbene, bis(diphenylamino)stilbene exhibits a 90-nm red shift of its optical(More)
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