H. Quynh Dinh

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Johnson and Hebert’s spin-images have been applied to the registration of range images and object recognition with much success because they are rotation, scale, and pose invariant. In this paper we address two issues concerning spin-images, namely: (1) comparing uncompressed spinimages across large datasets is costly, and (2) a method to select the(More)
Sustainment of training to maintain the readiness of our armed forces requires stewardship of human health and the environment. The objective of this project, initiated in FY00 and planned for completion in FY05, was to determine the potential for environmental contamination from residues of energetic materials on ranges. This report describes(More)
We address the problem of tracking points in dense vector fields. Such vector fields may come from computational fluid dynamics simulations, environmental monitoring sensors, or dense point tracking of video data. To track points in vector fields, we capture the distribution of higher-order properties (e.g., properties derived from the gradient of the(More)
Gerd Fabio Patrick Kevin Leonard Allen Michael Meissner Benjamin Mora Patrick Moran Christopher Morris Lukas Wolfgang Klaus Luciana Nedel Neophytos Neophytou Erwin Oertli Silvia Olabarriaga Marc Olano Arthur Olson Renato Pajarola Alex Pang Michael Papka Park Pascucci Giuseppe Joseph Federico Ponchio Voicu Popescu Bernhard Preim Gerd Christof Rezk Salama(More)
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