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Hidden Markov model (HMM) is used to model network security situational awareness (NSA). Distribution of abnormal behaviors in networked system and operational states of key network services are abstracted by Markov chains, modeling objects of the HMM's dual stochastic processes are set up, and classic Baum-Welch algorithm is used to estimate the parameters(More)
—In this paper, novel space-time adaptive processing algorithms based on sparse recovery (SR-STAP) that utilize weighted l 1-norm penalty are proposed to further enforce the sparsity and approximate the original l 0-norm. Because the amplitudes of the clutter components from different snapshots are random variables, we design the corresponding weights(More)
Intrusion response is a hot topic in the domain of information security. First, some disadvantages of current intrusion response systems are analyzed. For solving these problems, a mobile agents-based intrusion response framework is proposed. Then the function of every entity and the operation of the system are described in details. Finally, the(More)
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