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Plasmodesmata mediate direct cell-to-cell communication in plants. One of their significant features is that primary plasmodesmata formed at the time of cytokinesis often undergo structural modifications, by the de novo addition of cytoplasmic strands across cell walls, to become complex secondary plasmodesmata during plant development. Whether such(More)
To assess whether a given time series can be modeled by a stochastic process possessing long range correlation, one usually applies one of two types of analysis methods: the spectral method and the random walk analysis. The first objective of this work is to show that each one of these methods used alone can be susceptible to producing false results. We(More)
The main contribution of this work is the development of a high-dimensional chaos control method that is effective, robust against noise, and easy to implement in experiment. Assuming no knowledge of the model equations, the method achieves control by stabilizing a desired unstable periodic orbit with any number of unstable directions, using small(More)
An hybrid scheme is developed to efficiently calculate the periodic Green function for planar stratified structures. The technique is based on a combination of Ewald's method and the Shank transformation. It begins by using the matrix pencil-of-function (MPOF) to approximate the periodic Green function via a sum of exponential series that converges slowly.(More)