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Tropical forests hold large stores of carbon, yet uncertainty remains regarding their quantitative contribution to the global carbon cycle. One approach to quantifying carbon biomass stores consists in inferring changes from long-term forest inventory plots. Regression models are used to convert inventory data into an estimate of aboveground biomass (AGB).(More)
The article presents new results on the structure and the above-ground biomass of the various population types of mangroves in French Guiana. Nine mangrove stands were studied, each composed of three to ten adjoining plots with areas that varied depending on the density of the populations. Structural parameters and indices were calculated. Individuals(More)
The distribution of the 36 palm species of New Caledonia is studied in relation to several parameters: elevation, rainfall, geological substrate, phytogeographical sectors and vegetation types. The climate (thermal gradient and rainfall) appears to be the principal factor influencing the distribution of palms, the substrate effect being subordinate to the(More)
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