H. Petra Kok

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INTRODUCTION Contact flexible microstrip applicators (CFMA) are applied for superficial hyperthermia. In the clinic these flexible applicators are mostly applied bent along the body curvature. This paper investigates the specific absorption rate (SAR) patterns of CFMA applicators, when bent around an elliptical tissue-equivalent phantom. METHODS The 2H(More)
BACKGROUND Poly-(ADP-ribose)-polymerase1 (PARP1) is involved in repair of DNA single strand breaks. PARP1-inhibitors (PARP1-i) cause an accumulation of DNA double strand breaks, which are generally repaired by homologous recombination (HR). Therefore, cancer cells harboring HR deficiencies are exceptionally sensitive to PARP1-i. For patients with(More)
PURPOSE Dose optimization for stepping source brachytherapy can nowadays be performed using automated inverse algorithms. Although much quicker than graphical optimization, an experienced treatment planner is required for both methods. With automated inverse algorithms, the procedure to achieve the desired dose distribution is often based on(More)
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