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Dermoscopy is a non-invasive skin imaging technique, which permits visualization of features of pigmented melanocytic neoplasms that are not discernable by examination with the naked eye. One of the most important features for the diagnosis of melanoma in dermoscopy images is the blue-white veil (irregular, structureless areas of confluent blue pigmentation(More)
We describe a fully automated system for the classification of acral volar melanomas. We used a total of 213 acral dermoscopy images (176 nevi and 37 melanomas). Our automatic tumor area extraction algorithm successfully extracted the tumor in 199 cases (169 nevi and 30 melanomas), and we developed a diagnostic classifier using these images. Our linear(More)
Blotches, also called structureless areas, are critical in differentiating malignant melanoma from benign lesions in dermoscopy skin lesion images. In this paper, fuzzy logic techniques are investigated for the automatic detection of blotch features for malignant melanoma discrimination. Four fuzzy sets representative of blotch size and relative and(More)
BACKGROUND We tested the relevance of clinical information in the histopathologic evaluation of melanocytic skin neoplasm (MSN). METHODS Histopathologic specimens from 99 clinically atypical MSN were circulated among ten histopathologists; each case had clinical information available in a database with a five-step procedure (no information;(More)
67 Discussion Dermoscopy is a non-invasive tool that is largely recognized and used in the diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin tumors. A steadily increasing number of publications on alternative applications of dermoscopy suggest, however, that dermoscopy aids also the recognition of skin manifestations in general dermatology. The increasing use(More)
0293 " e-Health matters. It can improve access to healthcare and boost the quality and effectiveness of the service offered. e-Health describes the application of information and communications technologies across the whole range of functions that affect the health sector. " T his is the introductory statement of a recent communication from the European(More)
The early diagnosis of melanoma is critical to achieving reduced mortality and increased survival. Although clinical examination is currently the method of choice for melanocytic lesion assessment, there is a growing interest among clinicians regarding the potential diagnostic utility of computerised image analysis. Recognising that there exist significant(More)