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BACKGROUND There is a need for better standardization of the dermoscopic terminology in assessing pigmented skin lesions. OBJECTIVE The virtual Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy was organized to investigate reproducibility and validity of the various features and diagnostic algorithms. METHODS Dermoscopic images of 108 lesions were evaluated via the(More)
Dermoscopy is a non-invasive skin imaging technique, which permits visualization of features of pigmented melanocytic neoplasms that are not discernable by examination with the naked eye. One of the most important features for the diagnosis of melanoma in dermoscopy images is the blue-white veil (irregular, structureless areas of confluent blue pigmentation(More)
Es wird über eine 53jährige, dialysepflichtige Patientin mit plötzlich auftretenden großflächigen Hautnekrosen an beiden Oberschenkeln berichtet. Das typische histopathologische Bild und ein erhöhter Parathormonspiegel im Serum bestätigten die Diagnose einer kutanen Calciphylaxie. Die Calciphylaxie repräsentiert ein seltenes, fast ausschließlich bei(More)
Different pigmentary characteristics as well as different parameters of sun exposure have previously been identified as risk factors for developing cutaneous melanoma. The aim of the present study was to identify significant risk factors, determine the related magnitude of their estimated relative risks, and define criteria for the detection of persons at(More)
PURPOSE Patients with primary cutaneous melanoma with a Breslow thickness > or = 1.5 mm have only a 30% to 70% probability of survival after surgery, and no adjuvant therapy has so far improved this outcome. Since interferon alfa-2a (IFNalpha2a) exhibits antitumor activity in metastatic melanoma, we investigated whether adjuvant IFNalpha2a diminishes the(More)
Ancient melanocytic nevus is an example of a simulator of malignant melanoma, designated ancient because it shares numerous features with ancient schwannoma. Knowledge of the histopathologic characteristics of this benign melanocytic neoplasm should enable pathologists to avoid overdiagnosis of it as melanoma arising in the intradermal portion of a nevus.(More)
BACKGROUND Pilomatricomas are benign cutaneous neoplasms with differentiation toward hair matrix. Although previously reported to occur mostly in children and young adults, Taaffe et al. recently observed a second onset peak in adults and the elderly. METHODS To study the clinical and histopathologic features of pilomatricomas in adults we analyzed files(More)
BACKGROUND The dermoscopic classification is a useful tool for handling patients with atypical naevi (Clark naevi). OBJECTIVES To investigate if the dermoscopic classification of atypical naevi is of any value to discriminate benign from malignant melanocytic lesions. METHODS Consecutive patients (n = 205) were included with 254 suspicious melanocytic(More)
We present two types of "new" foreign body granulomas caused by the injectable aesthetic microimplants Bioplastique and Artecoll. We report the clinical and histopathologic findings in five patients who had undergone treatment of mainly facial contour abnormalities with one of these implants. All patients were women, and the mean age was 45 years (age range(More)