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Sensibilisation aux cultures et aux langues dans l'apprentissage des langues vivantes sur la base de l'interaction dialogique avec des textes ISBN 92-871-... The Council of Europe has published various studies concerning the planning and the organisation of modern language teaching. However, the opinions expressed in the publications are not to be regarded(More)
Introduction English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has been a thriving field of research especially for the last twenty years, which have seen, apart from a considerable amount of publications in the subject, the establishment of a number of small and larger scale ELF corpora, among which ACE (the Asian Corpus of English), ELFA (English as a Lingua Franca in(More)
BACKGROUND To determine objective and subjective indications of quality of life in hospitalized geriatric patients. METHODS Data were collected on 267 items using standardized interviews of 90 patients, including B-L and SF-36. RESULTS In comparison to the control population, geriatric patients have worse SF-36 values; 91% have pain, and 63% depression(More)
There are basic differences between the Dutch and the Austrian systems of prenatal care, care during birth and postpartum care: whereas in the Netherlands every effort is made to keep care within the bounds of the eerste lijn - primary health care with midwives and general practitioners as primary providers - in Austria the federal 'family relief fund' and(More)
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