H. Peng

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The effect of Bacillus subtilis natto on hindgut fermentation and microbiota of early lactation Holstein dairy cows was investigated in this study. Thirty-six Holstein dairy cows in early lactation were randomly allocated to three groups: no B. subtilis natto as the control group, B. subtilis natto with 0.5×10(11) cfu as DMF1 group and B. subtilis natto(More)
Ralstonia solanacearumstrain Rs-T02 was originally isolated from a bacterial wilt of tomato plant in Nanning City of Guangxi Province, China. It represents the most prevalent phylotype in Guangxi. Here, we present the draft genome sequence of this strain, which comprises 5,225 genes and 5,976,011 nucleotides with an average G+C content of 66.79%. There are(More)
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