H. Peng

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Annexins play a crucial role in plant development and response to environmental stimuli. In this study, a total of 23 annexin genes (GmANN1 — GmANN23) were identified from the soybean genome database and for two of them (GmANN11 and GmANN14), complete cDNAs were cloned. GmANN1 — GmANN23 encoded a set of predicted proteins which showed high similarity to(More)
The effect of Bacillus subtilis natto on hindgut fermentation and microbiota of early lactation Holstein dairy cows was investigated in this study. Thirty-six Holstein dairy cows in early lactation were randomly allocated to three groups: no B. subtilis natto as the control group, B. subtilis natto with 0.5×10(11) cfu as DMF1 group and B. subtilis natto(More)
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