H. Patricia McKenna

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The deinstitutionalization of care for the mentally ill has been in vogue for about fifty years. Broadly speaking, this transition can be seen to exhibit the following main trends: a dramatic decline in the inpatient population of psychiatric hospitals, coupled with a corresponding increase in community facilities such as psychiatric units in general(More)
Over the 30 years of conflict, Northern Ireland escaped the worst excess of illegal drug trafficking and usage. However, the recent 'peace dividend' has brought with it an unprecedented rise in the availability and use of illicit drugs. With this, new problems and pressures have been brought to bear on the health service. The literature would suggest that(More)
This paper identifies the need for developing new ways to study curiosity in the context of today's pervasive technologies and unprecedented information access. Curiosity is defined in this paper in a way which incorporates the concomitant constructs of interest and engagement. A theoretical model for curiosity, interest and engagement in new media(More)
Nurses work in a constantly challenging and changing environment. Within this context, there is a continuing need for support. Such support will help increase morale, decrease strain and burnout, and encourage self-awareness and self-expression. Clinical supervision address all these issues and enhances the quality of care for patients. While clinical(More)
Since the early 1990s, clinical supervision has been the subject of debate by nurse academics and practitioners. This debate has encouraged the adoption of clinical supervision by the profession throughout the United Kingdom. Search of the literature demonstrates that there has been little published research regarding clinical supervision in Northern(More)
Over the 30 years of conflict, Northern Ireland escaped the worst excesses of illegal drug trafficking and usage. This was in large part due to the 'policing' of local community crime by paramilitaries. However, since the first 'cease-fire' in 1994 the province has witnessed a dramatic and unprecedented rise in the availability of illicit drugs. This(More)
The Audit Commission's (1994) report Finding a Place states that mental health problems are a major cause of disruption and difficulty in people's lives and that in any one year more than a quarter of all people suffer to some degree. The report asserts that the majority visit their general practitioner (GP) and less than half of the people concerned are(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore contemporary understandings of the smart city movement in relation to information technology (IT) transformations, specifically emerging aware technologies and the use of social media in urban spaces. Faced with rapid urban growth, cities are responding by innovating themselves to address the associated and(More)