H. Patricia McKenna

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This paper identifies the need for developing new ways to study curiosity in the context of today’s pervasive technologies and unprecedented information access. Curiosity is defined in this paper in a way which incorporates the concomitant constructs of interest and engagement. A theoretical model for curiosity, interest and engagement in new media(More)
Wireless grid and ambient intelligent (AmI) environments are characterized as supportive of collaboration, interaction, and sharing. The conceptual framework advanced for this study incorporated the constructs of innovation, creativity and context awareness while offering emergence theory — emergent properties, structures, patterns and behaviors — to frame(More)
The oxygen dissociation curve and Bohr effect were measured in normal whole blood as a function of carboxyhemoglobin concentration [HbCO]. pH was changed by varying CO2 concentration (CO2 Bohr effect) or by addition of isotonic NaOH or HCl at constant PCO2 (fixed acid Bohr effect). As [HbCO] varied through the range of 2, 25, 50, and 75%, P50 was 26.3,(More)
The effect of oxygen breathing on shunt and ventilation-perfusion ratios (VA/Q) in anesthetized rats was studied using a modification of the multiple inert gas elimination technique. Base-line analyses showed hypoxemia in some animals breathing room air (arterial O2 tensions 48-70 Torr) associated with intrapulmonary shunts ranging from 0 to 22%, and(More)
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This article presents the case for a co-operative approach to audit that includes input from a range of healthcare professionals. Evaluating the obstacles which have prevented such an approach already being in place, the author outlines the basis of and benefits to be gained from multiprofessional audit.
Hemoglobin-ligand interaction was studied in maternal and fetal sheep blood as a function of oxygen saturation. pH was changed by varying CO2 concentration (CO2 Bohr effect) or by addition of NaOH or HCl at constant PCO2 (fixed acid Bohr effect). For maternal blood, CO2 Bohr factor was -0.41 at 50% oxygen saturation, increasing in magnitude at lower(More)
This study combines ambient intelligence with wireless grids to investigate social interactions in emerging and next generation technology-pervasive environments. The use experience of postsecondary students and faculty with WeJay social radio is explored in a virtual distributed environment. The research literature on 21<sup>st</sup> century social(More)