H. Passing

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Evaluation of analytical instruments in clinical laboratories should be carried out in a systematic and uniform manner in order to provide data which can be compared and reproduced by different users, manufacturers and officials. Concepts for such an evaluation of instruments with continuous measurement values are presented in the ECCLS guidelines [1]. To(More)
We compare 4 statistical models for the establishment of assigned values in a control serum which are based on the assumption of a normal distribution. The first model results in mean +/- 2s, whereas each of the following 3 models are based on a special analysis of variance. We studied by means of appropriate statistical tests the distributional properties(More)
Distribution-free statistical procedures should be applied to the establishment of assigned values and uncertainty intervals in a control serum. The two problems, how to find an appropriate statistical evaluation procedure and how to find an optimized experimental design, are simultaneously dealt with here: Three distribution-free procedures are presented,(More)
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