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Three butyric acid-producing saccharolytic Bacteroides cultures (1651/6, BM 158, and IPP 3751) were described by WERNER and REICHERTZ in 1971 (Zbl.Bakt.Hyg., I. Abt. Orig. A 217,206-216). Since then, 6 strains closely resembling 1651/6 were isolated from stool specimens and surgically removed appendices. In the present communication, strains 1651/6, S2/34,(More)
Vaginal washings of 22 patients with vaginitis, 11 with vaginosis, and 12 healthy subjects were investigated quantitatively and qualitatively for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and yeasts. Gardnerella vaginalis was recovered from 9 of the vaginitis patients, 7 of the vaginosis patients, and 4 of the asymptomatic subjects. Obligate anaerobes were found in 11(More)
The Children's Clinic in Giessen, Germany recently reported several severe infections with Klebsiella oxytoca resulting in deaths of two neonates. The putative source of the infections was a contaminated infusion solution. The resistance to disinfectant of the K. oxytoca isolates was investigated in three independent laboratories and was indeed found to be(More)
Malnutrition, sarcopenia and cachexia are three syndromes that are highly relevant for capacity, morbidity and mortality of the elderly. The term malnutrition denotes a deficit of macro- und micronutrients, while sarcopenia describes an age-associated loss of muscle mass and strength. In cachexia weight loss und changes in body composition are closely(More)
The effects of intratracheal administration of gentamicin on frequency of bacterial contamination of the trachea and respiratory tract infection were assessed in a controlled and prospective study in 20 patients on a respirator. Gentamicin was instilled undiluted 6-hourly in a dosage of 40 mg into the trachea. Compared with a control group (n = 20),(More)
Serial blood samples were collected from the unfed spiny dogfish shark (Squalus acanthias) by use of a cannula chronically implanted in the dorsal aorta. Plasma glucose, alanine, lactate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate levels were estimated by standard enzymatic procedures. The metabolite levels were estimated immediately after the surgery, for an additional 3 to(More)
The concept of malnutrition in the geriatric population describes a deficient state of energy and nutrient intake with harmful clinical consequences. Despite of having a significant effect on morbidity and mortality, there are no generally accepted criteria for diagnosing malnutrition in the elderly. With increasing age the general recognition of the(More)
Bradykinin as an inflammatory mediator was assayed for its ability to release cytokines from isolated lung tissue derived from guinea pigs, mice and in some cases from patients. Bradykinin elicited in concentrations, which were able to induce a contraction of isolated lung strips, a secretion of different cytokines from the tissue into organ baths as well(More)
Experimental studies on rabbit eyes were performed to examine the penetration capacity of cefsulodin into the anterior chamber and the vitreous body. One group of animals was injected with 50 mg/kg body weight intravenously, the other group received 20 mg subconjunctivally. Samples of the anterior chamber and the vitreous body were taken from the(More)