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Patellofemoral complications are among the most common causes for revision surgery in total knee arthroplasty. So far no quantitative assessment has been made of the femoral and tibial malalignment or the positioning of the patellar component and the type of patellofemoral complication or failure. In particular, no comparative studies are available that(More)
Although Taekwondo is becoming an increasingly popular sport, there is a lack of reliable epidemiologic data on Taekwondo injuries. To perform an epidemiologic study on the variety of types of injury in professional and amateur Taekwondo athletes and to find a relation between Taekwondo style, skill level, weight-class and warm-up routine and the occurrence(More)
Conservative treatment of anterior shoulder luxation includes immobilization in internal rotation. This has been increasingly debated, but imaging techniques in supine position do not reflect the influence of gravity. To examine glenoid labrum dynamics, the shoulders of 15 healthy subjects were imaged in standing position at different (0, 15, 30) degrees of(More)
In 154 hospitalized hemorrhagic patients 883 oro-surgical procedures were done under continuous anticoagulation. Human collagen material combined with fibrin adhesive offered a safe hemostatic effect. A total of 12, mostly minor, postoperative bleedings occurred, which did not lead to delayed wound healing. Good tissue tolerance towards both homologous(More)
Although golf is becoming popular it can result in injury, usually from overuse and from poor technique. The shoulder is a commonly affected site, with the lead shoulder (or the left shoulder in the right-handed golfer) vulnerable to injury. With this study we tried to figure out any hyperlaxity of the lead shoulder using ultrasonography. 33 golf-players(More)
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